My first book is selling well and receiving great reviews on Amazon. It is available from Waterston’s, Amazon, Kindle and my publishers Apex Publishing.

It is an autobiography of my 25 year career working for Her Majesty’s Prison Service here in the United Kingdom.

This is not like all other books about the prison service, with  sensational violence etc, but from my heart. It tells the story of my journey through the early days at HMP Pentonville and the fun times we all had, (not realising our own ‘spanish’ practices) through my transfers and subsequent promotions and how these promotions, got me more and more involved in the day to day politics of the modern prison service. Until I reached my final promotion working as a Principal Officer (and my temporary promotion to a Governor grade) and Audit Manager and my subsequent disillusionment of the service and my decision to take early retirement.

There are laughs and tears, happy times and sad times. and gives the reader an insight to what all long serving prison officers have gone through and are still going through.

Hope you enjoy it too.